management philosophy
We contribute to the society with outstanding creativeness and technology to build the future of good environment to live.
management vision
We set our aim to be the reliable enterprise who has its independence and explores the new area.
quality policy
WE-CHEMICAL Co.,Ldt. provides the product to satisfy the customers according to the change of high quality market environment.
  • We provide the reliable and satisfactory products on the position of customers.
  • We listen to the voice of customers and develop the product suitable for the demand of customers.
  • All employees in every division try to produce high quality product all the times.
  • We observe the laws and regulations.
environment policy
WE-CHEMICAL Co.,Ltd. makes its effort for business activities in various ways to protect the environment of the Earth with the motto "make the future of good environment to live".
  • We try to save the energy and reduce the waste in business activites.
  • We try to develop the environment-friendly raw materials for the Earth.
  • We observe the laws and regulations for the environment all the times.
Core Values
People in priority / Best-oriented / Just Management / Win-Win Management